30 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts {Gift Ideas 2020}

valentine's day gift ideas


Looking for some Valentine’s Day date inspo?

Single on Valentine’s Day? No problem, you can still have just as much fun.

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Take the guessing out of Valentine’s Day gift ideas to get your significant other. From Lingerie to customized gifts and jewelry, these gift ideas are way better than an edible arrangement or a heart-shaped pancake. Even though those things are still pretty awesome.

This list is full of 15 amazing Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him and 15 Valentine’s Day gifts for her. So let?s get right into it!

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

Sexy Lingerie Set

What better gift to receive than a sexy lingerie set (or two) from your partner? Savage X Fenty and Adore Me both offer great deals. If you were to buy it from Adore Me, I highly suggest you get a lingerie set and pajama short set. Something sexy and something comfy. The perfect pair! Adore Me also has a Valentine’s Day collection along with a sale. If you’re not sure what to get your partner, here are some suggestions.

Red lingerie set with a bow on it. Valentine's Day Gifts For Her
From Adore Me Website
Screenshot of gynger bra and panty set. Valentine's Day gifts and gift ideas for her.
Gynger Unlined Bra and panty Set
Jayne Pajama Set (Credits: AdoreMe.com)

On the other hand, if you think your partner would prefer a sexier lingerie set, then you should purchase from Savage X Fenty. Savage X Fenty has more of a sexier edge, while Adore Me is lingerie for the more modest woman. Also, Savage X Fenty is having a Valentine’s Day sale. Here are a few options, if you’re kind of stuck on what lingerie set to buy her.

Savage X Fenty Down The Aisle Xtra VIP Box. Valentine's Day Gifts for Her
Down The Aisle Xtra VIP Box (Credits: Savagex.com)

Honestly, just listen to your partner. A lingerie set is not an ideal gift for all women. Some women may not wear them because they don’t like lingerie. However, even if she doesn’t like lingerie, a quality bra is always in order. Buying her a good bra that will last and fits her perfectly is something she will appreciate even more than lingerie.

The Forever Rose

I’m not sure if you have heard of the 24k Gold Rose Flower that has been circulating around Instagram. This is perfect because it’s not a rose that dies the week after Valentine’s Day is over with. I’ve seen a lot of women who received these roses be head over heels in love with it.

Now, regular roses are still beautiful and can be a great gift, but they have a very short life-span. Not to mention, it’s something that everyone gives their partner. If you want a beautiful, iridescent rose, then this is definitely the way to go. There are also two different options to pick from. You can buy a cheaper version or the more expensive one that comes in a glass dome “Beauty & The Beast” style.

Option 1 (Credit: dose-roses.com)
Option 2 (Credit: theforeverrose.com)

The second option is way more expensive, but “The Forever Rose” is handcrafted and made-to-order. If you know you will buy the forever rose, make sure you buy it at least a week ahead of time.

The Custom Mug

To be fair, this gift idea is unisex. If your partner is a coffee or a tea addict, why not gift her a custom mug? There are a few options for this gift idea.

You can gift her a mug with your personalized words on it, personalized words and picture or just a picture. I’m sure there are many more options than that. These are just the ones I am including in this post.

Option 1 (credits: vistaprint.com)
Option 2 (credits: vistaprint.com)
Option 3 (credits: vistaprint.com)

Custom Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

Many shops sell gift baskets with food or candy in them. However, this online store is taking it up 10 notches. You can buy their “Supreme Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets” filled with exquisite produce, meats, cheeses, and even wine.

Yum! Sign Me Up Please! The only drawback is that it’s not the most affordable gift basket. The best part is that it comes with 20 items in an environmentally friendly and reusable wooden crate. This company also has other gift basket options if the $100 one is out of your price range.

(credits: harryanddavid.com)

For The Coffee Addict

Just like the coffee mug, this gift is for the coffee and tea addicts in our lives. The particular gift I’ll be talking about includes chocolate and coffee in the gift box from Bean Box.

Credits: beanbox.com

Homemade Pastries

Shops like Etsy and Harry & David sell homemade cookies perfect for Valentine’s Day. Etsy especially has a lot of options for Valentine’s Day. Whether you want them to bake and design it for you or if you just want them to bake it and you design it yourself. There are many options!

credits: etsy.com

Explosion Box Scrapbook

Looking for a special way to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day? This scrapbook is a perfect way! The scrapbook looks like a gift box from the outside and comes already assembled. All you have to do is add your pictures and gift on the inside. Another bonus is that this gift box comes with lights. Perfect!

credits: amazon.com


Looking for a different and unique way to say why you love her? This company “LoveBook” is a shop where you can put your love story in an actual book. This book is affordable considering how cool the idea is and how good the quality is.

credits: lovebook.com

Custom Photo 3D Lamp

This is another great gift that you can personalize. If you have any pictures of your wedding day or just a picture of you together, this makes a heartwarming gift. Not only can you add a picture, but you can also add a personalized message.

credit: oozar.com

Gift Her A Free Massage

This an awesome Valentine’s Day gift for moms especially. If you know your partner is stressed or just needs me time. Spoil her with a spa day. If you want to take it up a notch, take her to get her nails done. What woman doesn’t want to be spoiled now and then?

Donut Bouquet

A deliciously simple gift. Now, I’m a foodie and if I had gotten this gift on Valentine’s Day I’d be one happy girl. If you have a foodie girlfriend, then this gift is thoughtful and delicious. If you want to make it extra, then you could also put together a food basket with her favorite snacks and candy.

credit: harryanddavid.com

Symbolically Adopt A Sea Turtle

This is one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts on the list, if not the best. It goes to an awesome cause, for this reason, it’s the best gift on the list. So, if you enjoy being an amazing human being for Valentine’s Day then look no further. You’d be supporting the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

credits: gifts.worldlife.org

Romantic Message In A Bottle

This is a cool gift idea and isn’t expensive. That’s a win-win in my book. All you do is submit your personalized romantic message, they will print it on a scroll and ship you the bottle with the message and roses in it.

credit: messageinabottle.com

Photo Blanket & Pillows

Looking for a keepsake gift? Buying a blanket with your family photo on it is a great way to preserve memories. These blankets and pillows are also handwoven.

credits: walmart.com

Hidden Love Languages Necklace

What better way to say “I Love You” than having “I Love You” in 100 languages on a necklace that lasts a lifetime.

credits: pandorasboxinc.com

Instagram Baddie Clothes

One of these things is not like the other. So, I know this may seem random but if your girlfriend is an Instagram fanatic, what better gift to give? Instagram shops are booming right now and all the top Instagram influencers are promoting these companies. One of my personal favorites is Baddie Ville, their stuff is sexy and inexpensive.

credits: baddieville.com

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Okay, now we’re finally at the gift for the man in our life. Who says Valentine’s Day gifts should only be for her?

Customized Bobblehead

This gift is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a bobblehead that you can customize with your man’s face. I think it’s a unique gift for the men in our life.

credits: mycustombobbleheads.com

Jerky Heart

Man crates – the company that created the jerky heart describes it as “the perfect gift for any carnivore.” It may appear to be a regular heart-shaped box of chocolates instead, it’s a manly box of jerky. The box comes with ten flavors of jerky and a personalized message.

credits: mancrates.com

5 Senses Gift Basket

Show him you love him with all five senses. Surprise him with this thoughtful, homemade gift.

credits: etsy.com

The Perfect Package

Similarly to lingerie, this is definitely a win-win gift. Manscaped is the company that makes “the perfect package” they focus on manscaping. This gift is a manscaping kit that comes with the essentials. With the perfect package, you get an electric trimmer, anti-chafing cooling boxers, ball deodorant, ball refresher, disposable shaving mat, and a travel bag.

credits: manscaped.com

Tequila Gift Basket

If the man in your life is a real tequila drinker or taster, then this is one of the better Valentine’s Day gifts on this list.

credit: thebrobasket.com

The Story Of Us

Gift him with a custom star map so you can remember a special night that changed your life forever. Not only can you personalize the star map but you can also add a special message.

credit: usa.thenightsky.com

What I Love About You

This book is very similar to the book by the company “Love Book”. This, however, is a fill in the blank book.

credit: amazon.com

Urban Map Glass

This whiskey glass has his hometown etched into it. The one drawback with this gift is that they only have 32 cities to choose from so be prepared for the selection they offer.

credit: uncommongoods.com

Letters To My Love

Write 12 heartwarming letters, then seal it up in a time capsule that he can open any time. This is great for military couples so he can read them when he needs them the most.

credit: amazon.com

Personalized Wooden Dock

Customize his nightstand docking station. You can decide if you want to have a monogram, his initials, or his name and pick the shade of wood.

credit: etsy.com

Monthly Beer Subscription

This beer subscription can come monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly from craft beer. This is possibly one of the coolest gifts for beer lovers and is even better if your man hosts poker night.

credit: craftbeerclub.com

Vinyl Love Song

Send the name of your special song to this Etsy seller and in return, you’ll get a vinyl print.

credit: etsy.com

Personalized Airpods Case

Similarly to the wooden dock, this is one of the more practical and useful Valentine’s Day gifts. It’s definitely a manly man’s gift that has a touch of customization to it.

credit: etsy.com

Monogrammed Leather Key Chain

The perfect customized compact Valentine’s Day gift any man will love. The great thing about this gift is that it allows keys to slide in out of the keyholder and it’s only $17!

credit: amazon.com

Exotic Jerky Bouquet

Similarly to the donut bouquet, this is for the food in your life. For an equally awesome gift, give these 20 jerky sticks.

credit: amazon.com

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