5 Blogging Mistakes I Made That Seriously Killed My Blog

5 deadly blogging mistakes


A Failed Blog... *gasp* It’s scary to even think about. Putting all this time, effort and money into something that could easily fail. The thought of failure alone may dissuade you from starting a blog, and for good reason. There are blogging mistakes you could make that could kill your blog and chances of growing.

Maybe you think you’re not ready to commit to running a business, maybe you feel like nobody would read your blog, or maybe you’re ready, but those scary words “failed blog” have you hesitating. I understand. I started my blog at a low point in my life when I had no job, so no money, and I just didn’t realize all the work that needed to go into this.

I had a dream though, to share my story and help women like me, so I consistently blogged… for about three months. I uploaded a blog post every day in the beginning, but I quickly realized that it wasn’t realistic for me to do.

What happened after three months, you may ask. Poof! Gone! I disappeared. I posted NOTHING for three months! Yeah, it was BAD. I honestly think I was just burned out from writing and posting every day. I also was discouraged because I wasn’t getting the traffic I expected.

5 Fatal blogging mistakes that killed my blog before it started

My 5 Biggest Blogging Mistakes

If I had someone tell me these things, I would have done a lot better. That’s why I’m here as your fairy godsister to tell you the BIG blogging mistakes I made that killed my blog before it even started.

Hosting On The Wrong Platforms

This is one of my BIGGEST blogging mistakes… and regret honestly. Before I launched my blog, I started it on the wrong platform. I started it on Squarespace and I talk about why I regret that harmful decision, here.

After hosting with Squarespace, I decided to host with GoDaddy because I already had my domain with them. So, I’ll mostly talk about why hosting with them was such a bad decision, and what you should do instead to start your blog the right way! Now, I still would recommend GoDaddy for their business emails, domains, and they have awesome customer support. However, there are also some cons that motivated me to move to another platform.

These are the MAJOR issues with GoDaddy that were fatal to my blog.

  • NO SSL Certificate – This is the first one for a reason. This was the biggest thing that caused me to look new and unprofessional. It also made it harder to establish myself as an authority. GoDaddy does offer an SSL certificate, but you have to pay more and install it yourself. This was something that simply wasn’t possible for me, and caused me a lot of stress.
  • Uptime Issues – This is so critical and the last straw that made me move my blog to a better platform. Uptime is the time that your blog is available to users. I noticed that my website was down a lot and that is a big NO-NO! It was something that annoyed me and probably my viewers too.
  • Website Speed – My website wasn’t super slow, but you would have to wait 5-10 seconds for it to fully load. Now my website loading speed is 1-3 seconds. Which is SO MUCH BETTER!

How I Fixed This Fatal Mistake

So how did I fix the above issues?

I did ample research and finally found the PERFECT host for my blog. That host is SiteGround (Damn right, it’s an affiliate link šŸ˜‰)! Why are they so perfect?

Well, when you host with them you get a FREE SSL certificate, high uptime, high speed, regular backups, FREE site migration, 24/7 customer service, ZERO hold time, low price & so much more! I’m telling you, I AM IN LOVE!

They made it so easy to transfer my website, and when I had any issue, they got it fixed immediately. I seriously appreciate them, and how awesome they are! In my mind, nobody can beat their service. I suggest you give them a try, you will love them just as much.

Get Started With SiteGround for $3.95/mo to jumpstart your blog on a phenomenal platform.

5 deadly blogging mistakes. 5 major blogging mistakes I made

Selling Out

I know this sounds bad because it is. I didn’t really sell out, but I was too focused on money when starting this blog. Even though I knew that I wanted to make money from day 1, that got in the way of more important things. If there is ONE thing I can tell you, it’s DON’T PUT ADS ON YOUR BLOG! This was a big blogging mistake that can do more harm than good. This doesn’t mean you should never put ads on your blog, but in the beginning, it can hinder your growth and be annoying to your readers.

You should always put your readers first, and a couple of hundred dollars in ad revenue isn’t worth frustrating them. Not only that, but it can interrupt the content. Be honest, if you were reading something and there were a million things distracting you from reading what you came there to read, would you leave? Probably. That’s why I took ads off my blog and found it to help significantly!

How To Avoid This Blogging Mistake

This is one of the easiest blogging mistakes to fix. All you have to do is either not place ads on your site at all OR be very selective about how many ads you put. I probably will put ads on my site eventually, but I definitely won’t be spamming my blog with them. My point is, you should focus on turning your website into a money-making blog but don’t put money above reader experience.

Promotion Inconsistencies

If traffic is a big concern for you, then this is one of the blogging mistakes you definitely should avoid at all costs. Unfortunately, I made this mistake multiple times, which stunted my blog growth.

Every blogger talks about Pinterest as a way of driving traffic, because it’s just that good. I boosted my pageviews significantly when I was promoting regularly. However, when I was inconsistent, my views plummeted.

I struggle with consistency in general, I get distracted with other things or just get lazy. This was something I needed to fix ASAP! I’m more than just a blogger, this is my business. So, I have to treat it as such.

How To Easily Fix & Avoid This Mistake

There is one stupid-simple way to undo this, just like the other blogging mistakes.

Scheduling! This is not only awesome for limiting the number of tasks you have to do, but it can greatly improve your blog traffic. You can schedule 400 pins a month, to gain traffic on autopilot! It’s freakin’ awesome! Your pins will go out at optimal times, you can set up intervals, join tribes, and more with Tailwind (Boo!šŸ‘» Scary, affiliate link). Skyrocketing your blog traffic has never been so easy!

I schedule pins from my group boards via Tailwind, and it just makes it so much easier. It’s one less thing I have to worry about, which is again, awesome!

Not Knowing Who I’m Writing For

This is a HUGE mistake!

Most pro bloggers talk about how important finding your niche is when you start a blog. I think knowing your audience is way more important. Yes, these can go hand in hand, but what I mean is knowing specific details about your ideal reader. Their age, gender, hobbies, fears, problem areas, etc… When you know these things, it makes it so much easier to write blog posts and sell products further down the line.

How To Fix This

As I said, the above blogging mistakes are super easy to fix, and this one is no different. Developing an “identity” for your ideal reader will make blogging so much easier for multiple reasons. One of those reasons being that you’ll never run out of blog post ideas.

When you know who your reader is, you can connect better, you know what blog posts he/she will find most helpful, what products to suggest, and what emails to send to them.

All you have to do to identify your target audience is looking at yourself. The people I were targeting as my audience were people like me. For instance, Black women who want to create a life they love. For a more detailed post on how to do this, check out this one.

Waiting Too Long To Build My Email List

You hear a lot of bloggers talking about building your email list so much because it’s just that crucial. Email is the best way to build relationships with your audience and that’s why I think this is one of the more major blogging mistakes. When I first started this blog, I tried to build my email list from day one. However, I kind of got insecure and nervous because I was at a loss for what to say in my emails. My own insecurities have halted the growth of my email list and business. Once I decided to build my list, I just slapped a pop-up on my blog and expected emails to just start rolling in.

Can you guess what happened?


Seriously, I saw nothing near the results I expected and now I know why. I wasn’t offering any incentives at all. I had no freebies, nor did I go into detail of what they would receive if they sign up.

How To Fix This Blogging Mistake

FREEBIES! FREEBIES! FREEBIES! Creating freebies that actually provide value is super important. This is also why knowing who your readers are is so vital. Don’t think just because something is free, it means your readers will trade their personal information for it. For instance, if you have a food blog, don’t offer a freebie for baby shower printables. While a few of your readers may be pregnant and find that useful. Overall, that type of freebie is irrelevant to your ideal audience. So, spend some time crafting valuable freebies to offer as an incentive to your audience. You can also look at your comments for freebie ideas.

This was a long post, but I hope it was informative! If you are wanting to start a blog, I encourage you! And I hope you can avoid the same blogging mistakes I made. Of course you’re gonna stumble along the way, but I’d love for you to start your bangin’ blog the best way possible!

That’s it for me, my chickadees! If you haven’t checked out my last (amazing) post yet, check it out, here.

Until Next Time

5 deadly blogging mistakes

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