5 Amazing Self Care Apps + Self-Love Affirmations


When you need help keeping yourself from breaking down mentally, these 5 Amazing Self-Love & Self Care apps are perfect! I also include 15 great self-love affirmations to help you maintain a positive mindset! You could also check out 33 self-care ideas, for more support with your self-care journey.

Hi, y’all. Happy Monday! How was your weekend?

Last week was actually soo crazy for me. I felt a little overwhelmed and needed to take some time for myself. Sometimes you need a little extra help to silence doubt and negative thoughts in your mind. These are the few self-love apps I use that keep me in a positive headspace daily.

You see, I’m a cancer and we can be moodyyyy! I get stuck in my own mind sometimes and when I get like that, these apps & affirmations come in clutch. So, let’s get to it.

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1. Gratitude Journal

If you frequent my blog or are subscribed to my email list, you’d know that I always sing the praises of journaling. Even beyond that, I love gratitude journaling. It’s helpful if you can have it on your phone, and you may find that free-handing it may work better for you. So, I found one of the best self care apps for this.

This self-care app comes with so many amazing features. For example, you get daily affirmations, reminders, lock your journal, improve self-image, etc.. As you can see, I love this app. It goes above and beyond what I would expect from a gratitude journal app. For my peeps (cringey, I know 🙈) with androids, I got you covered as well. The Android alternative is called: Gratitude: Personal Growth & Affirmations Journal

Gratitude Happiness Journal | Self care apps
Source: Apple App Store
Screenshot of Gratitude Happiness Journal | BEST apps for self care
Source: Apple App Store

2. Fabulous Self-Care App

I’m not gonna lie, when I get busy, I tend to neglect my basic needs. I don’t eat when I need to or exercise or anything. I just get too focused and self-care is usually my last priority. That’s why Fabulous is one of the best apps for self care because even if you’re busy, it helps you create a healthy routine. More importantly, it supports you in achieving your self-care goals. By the way, this app is also available on Android.

Source: Apple App Store

3. Amino

Amino is an app I use on a daily basis, but it’s not like the other self care apps listed above. Amino describes their app as a network of communities that lets you explore, discover, and obsess over the things you’re into. Each Amino (community) has great content, the friendliest of people, and exciting events.

Above, those self care apps are dedicated to that, whereas this app has a self-care community amongst other communities. I post there and have seen some excellent self-care tips and posts there. If you’d like, follow me on there.

4. Sanity & Self

Source: Apple App Store

This is one of the more interesting self care apps, in my opinion. It’s basically a self-care podcast app. It’s specifically marketed as a self-care app for women. This app is available on Apple and Android. Even though I love this app, it’s a tad too expensive. So, I highly suggest Shine. It’s one of the best self care apps on this list and has a unique approach. Here’s how they describe their app:

Sanity & Self connects you with a team of experts to guide you through guided audio sessions or 1:1 messaging. We’re taking the taboo out of topics like mental health, sex, breakups, relationships.

900+ Bite-Sized Guided Audio Sessions:

Anxiety & Stress

Self-Love & Confidence

Dating & Relationships

Breakups & Divorce

Mindfulness & Meditation

Restful Sleep

Sex & Orgasms

Yoga & Fitness

And more!

Personalized self-care recommendations with our brand new SELF-DISCOVERY JOURNAL & MOOD TRACKER

DAILY FLOURISH podcasts & read articles, crafted by experts just for YOU!

Customized REMINDERS to help you stay on track.

Guided JOURNALING to help process your days.

Advice from Sanity & Self’s supportive COMMUNITY.

Unlock UNLIMITED MESSAGING with an expert in Chat 1:1 to help you tackle life’s small sticky situations or big challenges.

5. MoodPath

Moodpath Screenshot | Apps for self care

We’ve reached the end of these self care apps and I saved this one for last for a special reason. It goes beyond self-care. If you struggle with anxiety, depression, or just want to improve your emotional well-being, this is the app for you! You can track your moods and get a PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT, which I think is fucking (excuse my language) awesome. This app does what the other self care apps don’t. Try the app out and see if it helps your anxiety or depression. It’s only $4.99 a month and is available on both Android and iPhone.

Did I leave any self care apps out that you personally use and love? Let me know what apps you use to keep you sane, and I’ll talk to you dolls next week! Check out my last personal growth post, here!

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    1. Love this! Given the current state of things, self-care should be a priority for everyone. I will be downloading a few of these apps. Thanks for sharing!

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