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Hey, girl, hey! ??

Before I get into the fun stuff, I want to thank you for stopping by and taking interest in my blog. Even if you visited for just a second, I seriously appreciate your generosity! Your support is essential and gets me one step closer to my dream of being a stay-at-home dog mom (& actual mom) while empowering women just like YOU!

Secondly, my name is Layla James and I run a lifestyle blog called Melanin Magic (Yup! The one you’re on right now! ?)

I created Melanin Magic to have a fun, supportive, and inspirational online space made by a Black Woman for Black women. I’m here to spread my magic, share my natural curly hair tips and my journey with like-minded women!

Whether you need help with confidence & growing into yourself as a Black woman or you want to join a supportive tribe filled with women that you can ACTUALLY relate to & bond with, this is the place to be. I Promise! ??

Now, time for some honesTEA (honesty). I started this blog on a whim and lemme be the first to tell you I couldn’t have been more lost. I didn’t know what the heck a host or a domain was. And here’s a little secret that you can’t tell anybody (I’m no professional, I’m still just as lost).

Even though I started this blog on an impulse, I previously had many hobby blogs. Writing is what I love, it’s something I have enjoyed since I was little. I wrote poetry for years and blogging is just another creative outlet for me!

In high school, I had a fashion blog with my best friend where we connected with other melanated girls, shared our experiences, and posted reviews on products that worked for us. I hope to do the same here, while also building long-lasting relationships with my readers.

While this is a pro-black blog, I want it to be inclusive to all women. So you will find posts that will help every woman, not just the melanated queens.

I hope the ladies who don?t feel confident in their skin can find solace here. I want you to find your fire, power and confidence in me and my blog. So you can be your most badass self!

It’s important that we don’t tear each other down, but build each other up. Let me and my ?diary? be your support, your words when you have none!

Finally, with all that being said: “Welcome To My World!” I truly hope you find your home here.

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