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I Customized My Own Skin Care Products & It Completely Transformed My Skin

We’ve all seen the Curology reviews on YouTube, Google, Facebook and everywhere else. Most of them are sponsored posts or ads. Here is my 100% real & legit Curology review for when you ask yourself “Is Curology Really Worth It?”

My Skin Type

So here’s a little backstory on my skin type and what led me to get Curology.

I have always had dry, flaky skin, especially around my nose. Before last year, my skin was smooth, clear and poreless. Then I started a new medication, that’s when it all went downhill for my face.

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My pores were huge, my skin was rough, and filled with acne. Before paying for Curology, I started using The Ordinary amongst other products which made my skin unbelievably smooth! The only problem was, I still had acne. I couldn’t get rid of the bumps, zits, whiteheads or blackheads. I looked like a teenager going through puberty. UGH!

What Comes In Curology Package & Cost Breakdown

There’s an option to purchase they’re SuperBottle or you can get the full Curology Skincare Products. If you get Curology skincare routine products, it comes with a face wash, a rich moisturizer, and the SuperBottle.

The first time cost of Curology for both the SuperBottle and the set is $4.95. After that, you’ll be paying $60 per 60 days for the entire set. If all you want is the SuperBottle there are two options.

  1. Large Custom Bottle: $39.90 every 60 days or $19.95 a month with free shipping.
  2. Small Custom Bottle: $19.95 + $4.95 or $24.90 every month.

My Results When I Used Curology For 60 Days

I’m gonna break down each week or big change on Curology.

First Week:

In my first week on Curology, when I would apply the SuperBottle formula I found that it gave my face a burning sensation. In the first week, I experienced a huge breakout. I had a cluster of bumps on my cheeks that only got worse the more I applied it. However, my forehead was noticeably smoother which was a win for me!

Third Week:

I didn’t have another big change until the third week. All bumps on my forehead had completely disappeared. On top of that, the bumps that Curology had previously given me were also gone! YAY!

Fifth Week:

I noticed my face becoming brighter, almost like I had this inner glow. I was getting compliments on my skin, my face felt baby soft. The only problem? The bumps came back with a vengeance. I had a small cluster of bumps all over my cheeks and chin. It was horrendous. I almost quit the Curology right then and there but stuck with it.

Seventh Week:

Thankfully in the seventh week of using the Curology free trial, my bumps were absolutely gone and didn’t come back. Like I mentioned beforehand, I have dry and flaky skin. Since I was mainly using Curology for my dry skin, I could see that my face was noticeably less dry. Strangely enough, I did feel that Curology made my skin produce more oils which I was more than happy with.

Eighth Week:

At the end of this Curology trial period, I honestly couldn’t wait to go back to my normal routine. I loved the SuperBottle, but I wasn’t so in love with the other products. My skin was clear and soft, my pores had practically disappeared and there were no bumps in sight. Fucking Flawless!

How Curology Completely Transformed My Skin

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly:

Is Curology worth it and what are the pros and cons?

The Good:

The good thing about curology is that it actually works! They performed some kind of voodoo on my skin because WOW! Just WOW! In addition, you can try it practically for free. They also have 24/7 dermatologist support which I think is pretty awesome!

The Curology Free Trial is only the cost of shipping. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. On top of that, they have a 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee. I say try it and decide what’s best for you based on the results you get.

The Bad & Ugly:

So what are the drawbacks? Well, I have two main problems. The first one is cost. Even though, I’m sure the cost of production is quite high $60 every 60 days isn’t feasible for most people. The good news is that there are multiple payment options. If you decide that you don’t want to buy the face wash and moisturizer you can buy the SuperBottle alone.

Secondly, the face wash and moisturizer are lack-luster to me. Even though the cleanser does a great job of unclogging pores, I find that it’s not as good as my daily cleanser. In addition, I find the moisturizer to be way too sticky and nothing special. However, it may work for you and be the BEST moisturizer you have ever tried.

So, will I buy the subscription? I must say that I don’t think I will for now. Mostly because they recommend that you don’t use any products with it and I MUST use The Ordinary in my daily routine.

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So here marks the end of my Curology Review babes! If you decide to try their free trial leave your review in the comments.

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