Why Self-Love Feels Impossible + How To Make It Your Reality In 31 Days


Hey, lovelies! I have a very special post today that will tackle something I hear all the time!

How To Fall In Love With Yourself In 31 Days When It Feels Impossible

I hear “I’ll never love myself” or “Self-Love is impossible” amongst other similar statements, and it’s so disheartening. I’ve had these feelings and thoughts before, and it can feel like a loss of hope.

Well, I have some good news… and bad news. Which one do you want to hear first?

I’ll start with the bad news, so I can give you some hope at the end, with some great news!

The bad news is you’re going about self-love the wrong way. You can’t love yourself first or expect it to just “happen”. The saying “love yourself first” is absolute BULLSHIT! There’s a devastating flaw with this statement and logic that can lead to feelings of hopelessness.

Okay, I’ve heard the bad news. What is the good news? Well, self-love is possible for you and can quickly become your reality. The reason you feel like it isn’t is that self-love is a process.

There are steps to take on this path. You can’t start at the fifth or tenth step – self-love should NOT and cannot be your first step. The first step you should actually take is self-discovery, because how the hell can you love someone you don’t know?

Making self-love your first step is like going up to a stranger and trying to love them. It’s impossible. If you can’t love someone in that situation, then how would it be any different when it applies to yourself? It wouldn’t, so I’ll go over how to fall in love with yourself, the one tool you need, and how you can start your self-love journey TODAY!

What is Self-Love?

Self-love is a term that is tossed around a lot. It’s something I heard a lot as a teen, but nobody ever told me what that actually means and how to achieve it. For those wondering what is self-love and why is it important, I’ll explain.

Self-love means placing yourself first and showing up for yourself. When you love yourself, you don’t sacrifice your well-being for others. It’s important because it lays the foundation for healthy relationships with others and yourself. When you learn to love yourself, your whole life will transform for the better.

I used to be a hardcore people-pleaser and always put myself last. When I started my self-love journey, everything around me changed. This transformation made the toxic people in my life uncomfortable, and I loved that! It showed me that I was doing something right, and I know the same can happen for you if you give yourself a chance.

The ONE Tool You Need For Your Self-Love Journey

There is one tool that I highly suggest you utilize because it is an absolute powerhouse. Self-discovery.

What Is Self-Discovery?

Selfdiscovery means many things. It means finding your passion, purpose, and personality. It also means digging deep into your childhood to gain insight into experiences that have shaped you into the person you are today. Learn more here.

Self-discovery will not only help you explore who you are, but will also make it possible for you to practice forgiving yourself, mindfulness, and more! There is a seven-step process to self-love and self-discovery covers all of this.

The best part is you can get started on this right now. You can set aside thirty minutes to an hour each day to focus on self-discovery. All you need is a journal, notebook, sketchbook, or you can use the notes app on your phone.

To ignite your self-love and self-discovery journey, sign up below. You will receive insightful journal prompts from me each morning that will go deeper and deeper as we progress.

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    This is actually one of the included bonuses in my “Self-Lovin Sistas” course, sent to everyone who pre-ordered it. However, I am making it free so you can start falling in love with yourself now. I want you to have hope, and I don’t think you should have to pay to start your extraordinary journey.

    I hope this post was helpful in teaching you how to fall in love with yourself, or at the very least made you realize that self-love can be your reality. Don’t give up on it! Self-love is a birthright and you more than deserve it.

    I want you to take this advice with you & remember that learning how to fall in love with yourself doesn’t have to be hard and it sure as hell doesn’t make you selfish!

    That’s it for me, my love!

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    1. I love this post, you made some great points, my favorite paragraph:

      “Self-love means placing yourself first and showing up for yourself. When you love yourself, you don’t sacrifice your well-being for others. It’s important because it lays the foundation for healthy relationships with others and yourself.”

      I suffered from the same foolishness putting others before myself, not realizing my worth and allowing others to treat me in ways less than they received from me and less than I deserved. I hope your course helps some young woman find herself before she makes the same type of mistakes I once did.

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