The Singular Best Way To Make Peace With Your Past


Hey, girl, heyy! Do you want to know how to make peace with your past? Do you struggle with past wounds that never healed up?

Do you cling to toxic people or look for love in all the wrong places? If you identify with the statements above, then you haven’t addressed or resolved your past. This is something that I hold close to my heart because it was so vital in my own self-love journey. In this post, I’ll go over how to make peace with your past and why it’s so vital to personal growth.

I dive into this topic with so much more depth in my self-love course for lost and wounded black women. That course is all about supporting you in your self-love journey, telling you what nobody else will, and providing hope where it feels like there is none. Taking you from a place of hopelessness to finally being able to breathe again. Basically, I created this course with you in mind! If you want to learn more about loving yourself, go here.

Anywayyy, are you ready to finally learn how to make peace with your past? Let’s get to it…

How To Make Peace With Your Past

How to make peace with your past

There’s one secret method that I used to heal and make peace with my past. I am always raving about this, and if you are subscribed to my email list, you’d know this.

I must warn you though, it’s a very powerful and extremely emotional process. When I finally took this step to heal my past and make peace with all my mistakes, I was SOBBING! The tears just never seemed to stop and that’s a great sign. So, if you cry during this process, let it out sis! Ain’t no shame in crying, and actually, you’ll be better for it.

So, what is this magical technique? It’s called my R&R Method. What does that mean, and does this actually teach you how to make peace with your past? The R&R method means to Reflect and Resolve and yes, this absolutely works! This is the exact technique I used when I was doing my healing. There are 3 separate ways to use this method, but I’ll only talk about the type I used.

The R&R method revolves around sitting in front of a mirror and digging deep into your past. I started this when I was already hurt, so I literally did a “heart dump”. I dumped everything out! I basically just let my heart speak, and didn’t put too much thought into it. This is exactly how you should go about the R&R method.

However, if you find that the words aren’t coming up or you’re having trouble, there is something you can try. When looking in the mirror, you can start off by saying “I’m hurt because ___”. This an excellent way to start reflecting on your past trauma and hurt. It starts the conversation and all you have to do is finish the sentence.

After doing this exercise, you’ll feel so liberated. Once I did this, I felt 10 pounds lighter. Admittedly, I had a headache from sobbing so much though. It’s just such a RAW and vulnerable place to be. You are forced to be real with yourself or you simply won’t heal.

I wish I could go more in-depth in this post, but it would be 10,000 words long. I just wanted to give the bare bones of this method, so you could start right away.

This can help with more than learning how to make peace with your past. I also suggest that you use this to face any past guilt. If you don’t face the guilt, then you can never truly move on.

Alrightyyy, darl! It’s about that time for me to close out this post. I hope you learned how to make peace with your past and resolve internal conflicts.

If this post has really helped you, let me know in the comments! Until next time…


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