How To Easily Take The BEST Instagram Pictures On iPhone + How To Edit Your Pictures {2020}


Hey, gorgeous! Wanna know how to take + edit your own Instagram photos? Well, here you go! I try to go as in-depth as possible in this post.

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Today, I’ll be talking about how I take & edit my own Instagram pics with an iPhone. Keep in mind that you don’t need the fanciest phone to do what I do. Also, I’m not here to tell you to follow my method exactly. I say to use this as a guide and fine-tune it to work the best for you.

Now, I have a confession; I’m no photography expert or Instagram model. So, you may be wondering who I am to be giving you any advice. Well, honestly, I only know what has worked and continues to work for me.

I’m gonna cover a few topics. These topics will be: when & how to get the BEST possible photo, poses, outfits, equipment, editing apps + my aesthetic.

How To Take The BEST Photo

I spend about 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours taking my photos. My focus is to make it look effortless and taking my photos at the right time.

One thing that people forget is that you can take your photos ANYWHERE! Of course, the backgrounds add to a picture, but you could take your photos in front of a dumpster and they can still look nice. I’ll elaborate more on this later.

So, when is the best time to take your Instagram pics? The absolute BEST time is at golden hour. Golden hour is the first hour after the sun rises and the last hour before the sun sets. You want to make sure you are facing the sun, not facing away from the direction of light. Also, if you have shadows in the way you can always work with them to make your picture look even better. Strangely the pictures with shadows in them look the best.

I prefer natural light over artificial light personally. Natural light makes my pictures look softer and less harsh. It blends beautifully and makes my melanin glow and overall gorgeous. Another tip I find useful is making sure that you’re not over-exposed. If the exposure setting on your phone is correct, it’ll make editing much easier. On the same note, make sure you’re taking care of your skin so your skin can look clear in your pictures.

Glowy Skin IS! THE! BEST! for pictures

How To Pose & Posing Tips

The best tips I can give you with posing are to know what your best features are & what side is your best side. For example, my best features are my eyes and my lips, so I usually pout my lips. My “good side” is my right side, so I take most of my photos from a right angle. Once, you figure those things out, taking pictures will be a breeze. If you ever run of pose ideas, I highly suggest using Pinterest or looking at other Instagram accounts for some inspo.

My favorite poses are below:

Full Body Pose (looking back)
As you can see the background isn’t the best. (Raw image)


I’m not a fashion Instagram account by any means, so I will go over this quickly. The main things I do are wearing an oversized sweater or jacket off the shoulder a bit. I also mainly wear tight leggings and crop tops to accentuate my figure even more. I take all my outfits in front of a white wall or outside in front of some bushes or trees. You can see that below.

Raw image w/o editing
I LOVE Anything Off-the-shoulder ?
You see the trend of off-the-shoulder? ?


The great thing about taking your own pictures is that you don’t have to hear someone moaning & complaining throughout the whole process. The drawback is that it can be a struggle setting up your phone at the perfect angle. The only equipment I use is a tripod + a Bluetooth remote that snaps the pictures for me. Occasionally, I will use a ring light or my full body mirror, but I use those rarely. Another great thing that comes on the iPhone is setting a 3 or 10-second timer so you have time to get in the right pose.

How I Edit My Pics + Editing Apps

I don’t go overboard with my editing and mostly only use a few apps.


What I do is look at my photos and envision what I want them to look like + what I should fix. First, I use Facetune to add some color to my lips and smoothen my skin the smallest bit. I don’t like my pictures to look overly edited, so I try to make them look “natural” of some sort. The last thing I do is add details, whiten & light. I only add details to my hair, eyebrows, and eyes. I whiten my background and my teeth rarely. Try not to go overboard with the whitening and details.


VSCO is my holy-grail of editing! I almost always use it. So, how do I edit my photos in VSCO? I have a few presets that I use for my pictures. I’ll list those below. If you don’t use my presets, I suggest that you at least add grain to your photos. Grain makes your pictures look 100x better.

Filter: F2 +12

Exposure: – 3.5

Contrast: – 1.5

Shadows: + 6.0

Highlights: + 3.0

Clarity: + 2.5

Tint: + 3.0

Saturation: – 2.0

Skin Tone: – 6.0

Fade: + 2.5

Highlight Tint: Magenta – + 4.0

Filter: A4 + 12.0

Exposure: – 2.0

Contrast + 1.0

Sharpen +1.0

Saturation: – 1.0


You can use PicsArt for ANYTHING! I use it to get those cute aesthetic pictures. I mostly use their stickers, text & blur features. The stickers I use the most are the vintage film stickers. They also have different vintage overlays that are super cute. I only use their text when I feel it adds a lot to the picture otherwise, I use their text stickers. Finally, do you remember when I said that backgrounds really don’t matter that much? The reason I say that is that if you’re in front of a butt ugly background, you can easily blur it.


The last + final app I use is Lightroom by Photoshop. I mostly only use this app on “bad” hair days. Basically, I use this to make my curls look more defined. The tool I use is the texture tool, it makes it looks even more beautiful.

My Aesthetic

Lastly, my Instagram aesthetic. My aesthetic is definitely a vintage type. Mostly, the 70s & 90s. So, I like to make my photos look like I took them in those decades. If you also like the vintage aesthetic, I suggest you use the Prequel app for editing. HUJI is also an app that makes your pictures have a vintage effect. You cannot edit pictures in HUJI, you can only take pictures in the HUJI app.

In conclusion, I hope this blog post helped you find your style or gave you some ideas. You don’t have to be an Instagram model, live in California, or be a photography expert to get great photos! It’s Instagram. It certainly isn’t that serious. Have fun with it!

If you’d like to schedule your Instagram pictures, I recommend Tailwind.

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  1. Off topic: I’m obsessed with your hair! I love Natural light. It’s so pure. So hard to recreate with artificial lighting. Great post.

  2. Love that your sharing this! I take a lot of my photos on my phone and sometimes you just gotta work with what you got especially if you don’t have a camera.

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