These 2 Life-Changing Products Will Transform Your Twist Outs FOREVER


When I say these are 2 life changing hair products that will transform your twist outs FOREVER, I mean that! I started using Carol?s Daughter hair products in 2018. There were so many natural hair youtubers recommending them I finally ran out to purchase one. I tested the waters with their hair milk. IT! WAS! LIFE-CHANGING! It really changed my natural hair care routine. I braid my hair on wash day and apply their hair milk; it leaves my hair soft and super curly.


I?m sure everyone has already heard of and used their hair milk though. We?re here to talk about the COCO CREME Curl enhancing moisture butter. This hair cream not only defines my curls but also softens them. I don?t use this product every day; I use this only for when I?m doing twist outs. 

For example, if I have just washed my hair and am doing Bantu knots, I apply a dime size amount after I have combed through and applied leave-in conditioner to each section. After combing through it one more time I would then apply Aunt Jackie?s seal it up sealing butter. Both products are thick, so a little goes a long way. ?

How to make your twist outs last a week:

1. Twist in smaller sections on wet or damp hair

2. Twist with Carol?s daughter Coco Creme with gel or Aunt Jackie?s seal it up sealing butter

3 Leave your twists in for at least a few days instead of a day or two.

4. Wrap your hair before you go to sleep in a satin scarf or bonnet

Make sure you are not using too much product. This will leave your hair feeling heavy and can cause your hair to not dry properly. I used to use so much product on my hair because my hair can be dry, but once I started using the Carol?s Daughter coil enhancing butter, I don?t need to overcompensate with extra product especially when paired with Aunt Jackie?s HYDRATING sealing butter.

Even though the above products when bought together can be on the expensive side they are SO WORTH IT! They both work all hair types but recommended for my lovely ladies with 3a-4c hair. Both products have lasted me a long time, so there is no need to break the bank to get your hair slayed.

Here?s a review from someone who has 4c hair and absolutely adores the sealing butter.

This is the holy grail for moisture absorption, hair clumping without tangling, and defined curls! I’m SICK over how amazing my hair looks PRIOR to me adding the Flaxseed gel! I have 4c hair primarily and 4b at my hairline in the back and at other random places on my head. I’ve been a product junkie and nothing except Ecostyler would define my curls but NEVER on this level!!!

-Verified Purchaser

You can purchase the curl enhancement above.

The Seal It Up Butter is available for purchase above.

Disclaimer: The links above are affiliate links which means I do earn a percentage when you make a purchase through my link. As always, I will only link to products that I personally have used or recommend.

As you can tell from the review of the Carol’s Daughter review, when I say these are 2 life changing hair products I mean it! I also used these natural hair products to transform my hair from dry, and frizzy to hydrated, and defined. To read that article click on the link below:

Let me know in the comments if you guys want a curly hair routine using these products, along with me showing how long my twist outs last when I implement the above steps. You can buy these wonderful products below. Enjoy ladies!

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  1. Your hair looks amazing, I love your curls! It’s great that these products are natural and also fight against frizz. That’s one thing that I can’t stand when it comes to my hair.

  2. love your curls. i remember i like to have curly hair like my friend so i had my hair permed. sadly, there wasnt products like this before to keep the curls tame. i ended up with damaged hair after.

  3. You have the most beautiful curls! Isn’t it great when you find products that work so well for you? I’ve heard amazing things about Carol’s Daughter products.

    1. Aww, thank you Hailey! ? It’s hard to find good products that work for curly hair so I’m beyond ecstatic that I found these products.

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