What Do You Need To Start A YT Channel?

what you need to start a youtube channel


Hey, friends!

So, we’re only three months into 2020 and we’re in the middle of a pandemic & the effects of COVID-19 have been no less than terrifying. As I’m not a medical professional, I can’t speak on this too much. All I will say is right now is the perfect time to start a YouTube channel! People are looking for something to watch while they are at home in self-isolation, so I’ll go over everything you need to start a YouTube channel right now.

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Now, I first started my YouTube channel eight years ago and picked it back up late last year. I’ve always struggled to with consistency, and the same issues followed when I started YouTube again. With that being said, you NEED to be consistent. I suggest you post videos multiple times a week if you can and on the same days.

For instance, if you decide that a posting schedule of 3 times a week works for you. Then you need to decide what days you can reliably post every week. You may decide that Monday, Wednesday & Friday work for you at 3 pm. It’s all up to what you can realistically do. If you already started your channel then, look at the days when you post and how that corresponds to when your audience is most active.


Now, I REALLYYY want to emphasize this next point. YOU! DON’T! NEED! EXPENSIVE! EQUIPMENT! I don’t want to hear ANYONE use the excuse of “I need a camera.”, “I don’t have a tripod, so I can’t make YouTube videos.”, “I don’t have a computer to edit my YouTube videos, so I can’t do YouTube.”.

There is NO excuse! I don’t want to hear anyone say they “CAN’T” do something. Follow your passion, dream, or vision. With my spiel out the way, what equipment do you actually need?

The ONE thing you need is….. a smartphone! Yup, that’s all. That’s it! Your phone has a camera and video editing apps to carry out all your YouTube needs. Decide where you’re gonna film, shine a lamp or light next to you, and set your phone up. You could use a dresser, books or whatever to set your phone up to film. I HIGHLY suggest you film using your back camera to get the best quality.

Video Editing, Thumbnails & SEO

I spend roughly one to three hours editing my videos. If I didn’t have to edit, I probably would film more, but the editing & thumbnail process takes me a while. Since I have an iPhone, I mostly use iMovie to edit my videos BUT I find that I like inshot more now.

Inshot is a free app but I bought all their paid features for $5 during their Holiday sale. WHAT!? All the effects, filters, audio for $5! Inshot can do a lot and it’s on both iPhone & android.

One tip is to add sound effects to improve your watch time. This can prevent people from getting bored and clicking out.


It took me a while to get a hang of thumbnails and I’m still no pro at it, so I’ll go over it quickly. One tip is to not use too much red or black in your thumbnails because these don’t stand out due to YouTube’s color scheme. Instead, you want to go with colors like blue, green or yellow. Pretty much any color that will contrast YouTube’s theme.

Secondly, it’s better to use a screenshot from your video than it is to pose for it and take a picture. If you use a screenshot for your thumbnails, they’ll look more natural. Also, keep in mind that in the bottom right there is a timestamp. Don’t put anything that you want seen in that corner. Third, don’t use too much text.

Text is great, but you should use less than five words. You don’t want to crowd the thumbnail with clutter and & unnecessary text. Lastly, circles, arrows and outlining people in thumbnails seem to attract more viewers. I have more I could say, but I don’t want to make this an extremely long post.


The last thing I’ll be covering in this post is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is how you get your video to rank in search and how to get more viewers. The tools I use for my SEO are Tubebuddy and VidIQ. Tubebuddy is free but if you want tag suggestions amongst other things it’s $5/mo. The other tool I use is VidIQ, which is also free. I don’t pay for pro features because I get everything I need from the free version.

In conclusion, YOU CAN start a YouTube channel on a budget and all you really need is an iPhone.

For the real ones that read my whole blog post, I’ll give two extra tips. Doing keyword research is extremely vital before filming a video. You want to look up your video idea and with Tubebuddy you can see what tags people used and where they rank. I used this to rank the top 5 in YouTube search. My last tip is to schedule your videos ahead of time. This can really help with consistency, especially if you film multiple videos a day.

That’s it for me. I will see you guys later this week! Bye, friends!

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