28 Fun & Unusual Things To When Bored At Home During Self Isolation

what to do when stuck at home


Hi, friends!

Is the thought of staying home for two, four or even six weeks already got you sprinting out of the door?

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been enjoying this isolation. I’m a home body at heart & have social anxiety so almost nothing has changed in my everyday life. I have however, been way more productive. You can be productive or even have fun in the midst of a pandemic. Here’s how to waste all that spare time you have on your hands.

What to do when stuck at home:
  1. Create A Vision Board
  2. Make A Bullet Journal or New Bullet Journal Layout
  3. Draw or Paint on your Computer, iPad or phone
  4. Create a New TikTok & Follow The New Dance Trends (You may get popular)
  5. Change your bedroom decor
  6. Follow A Bob Ross Tutorial 
  7. Play around with makeup & different looks
  8. Play around with natural hairstyles you’ve seen on Instagram or Pinterest
  9. Reorganize your Instagram layout & theme
  10. Grow A Indoor Kitchen Garden
  11. Host a Netflix Party with FaceTime or the app house party
  12. Have an at-home photoshoot (Find the most creative ways & places in your home to take pictures)
  13. Get into a new tv or movie genre (K-dramas, Christmas movies, etc..)
  14. Watch “They’re so bad, they’re good” movies
  15. Watch a new YouTuber
  16. Watch your favorite childhood movie or show
  17. Binge a trashy reality tv show (always fun)
  18. Blast some music and dance like there’s no tomorrow (When the world is at war, just keep dancing)
  19. Explore new passions
  20. Learn a new language
  21. Try out some new recipes
  22. Think of work at home jobs you can do 
  23. Try to become zero-waste & use less plastic
  24. Upcycle old candle jars or glass bottles
  25. Connect with your friends on discord & play games with them
  26. Make alcohol popsicles 
  27. Attempt some fun nail art
  28. Color-code your books and/or wardrobe
  29. Start A YouTube Channel

There are tons of things you can do when you’re bored. So, don’t think you have a limited amount of ways to fill up your day. I just wanted to list some of the best ways or some that not everyone would think about. I’ve been using this time to self-reflect and productive. I think this made me realize just how precious life is, how I should do my part to help the earth and use this time wisely to fulfill my dreams.

I know this post is shorter than my usual, but I hope you enjoyed nonetheless. I want you guys to stay safe out there, and have fun… even if the world is at it’s end (not really). Anyway, please take the time to actually self isolate. Please don’t put the elderly or immunocompromised people, like myself, in danger. The sooner we all self isolate, the quicker this will be over with.

I know that the spread of COVID-19 is terrifying but make some time for some self-care. Treat yo self with these self-care ideas.

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  1. Love this list!! So many things I want to do…definitely gonna hop on the TikTok trend! Lol, I also have been thinking about bullet journaling again. I did it last year and loved it but found it kind of time consuming. but now I have time so….maybe I’ll start it up again.

    1. Hey girl and thanks so much! I actually started filming tik toks and found it to be so freeing. It doesn’t take a lot of time to film and you don’t need to edit, so I highly suggest you join as well! Now, you’ll find yourself doing something that you put off for a while or thought you’d never “have time” to do!

  2. I have a lot of these on my list too.
    I’m definitely gonna try 11. I never thought of hosting a Netflix party. Lol Our creativity definitely comes alive in times as such. Thanks for sharing! Be safe boo!

    1. Yes! Times like these can spark creativity, productivity and can give you time to do things that you never thought you would! I’ve been more productive than ever because I have no excuse really! Lol. Thank you & stay safe as well!! Air hugs 🤗

  3. Great post! I need to do some of these activities during this quarantine like learning a language. I need to get back to practicing my French. I have also been re-organizing my Instagram layout & theme and create a vision board that I love doing every year.
    I’m also a new blogger check out my website.

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